We've completed some new core features. The first is the ability of an agency to have multiple office locations. If your agency only has a single location you will see nothing new in this area. We've designed it so that agencies that have a single location aren't impacted. Also, we've tied location access to a user. We did this so that a caseworker at a multisite agency that is focused on working on cases at single location the caseworker doesn't have to worry about location.

While we were making the location changes, we also added the ability for an agency to restrict caseworkers by one or more program. Our existing customer users currently have access to all programs so they can choose to decide to limit some caseworkers by program. So for example, if a caseworker isn't permitted to see information in a program like case management they will no longer be able to do so.

Here is a screenshot from the access screen showing the ability to do these access changes.


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