1. Client name issue when viewing a case.

2. The mask is not working on finance/expenseRequest

3. Any validation doesn't work on any screen that has the right pane

4. Referrals are only being allowed from program directors or the R&P caseworker. It should allow any assigned caseworker (not just default program) to refer - added logic to explain to user if they weren't responsible for the case or if they submit a refer without selecting a program.

5. Employment report issue, I have a case that is in R&P and Employment. I’ve added job placement data and it doesn’t appear on the report. -  changed report to use employment enrollment date instead of date of arrival, labeled the form to clearly say that now. Also found issue with grouping phone numbers.

6. Job placement needs to check for employment enrollment- done, if not enrolled in employment takes them to refer screens and tell user why.

7.  Enrolled a case in employment before being enrolled in a default program - fixed if not in default program takes user to arrival screen and gives a message.