Shoo bugs shoo. The following are resolved this week.

  1. When doing a recurring request then use submit then print the expense request isn't printing.
  2. Masking on amount for expense request.
  3. On MG Enrollment report there should be a number at only at PA.
  4. Recurring expense printing issue, it’s printing all expenses first then all the summaries.
  5. Case expense summary report - IMGH for month of november only showing 2 cases.
  6. Arrival report test using november summary doesn’t add up.
  7. Don’t show match in kind and donation in GL list - for case summary and disbursement - changed for disbursement report, chart of accounts is not on the case summary expense summary criteria
  8. Last name search showing duplicates.
  9. RCA Enrollment report not showing employable count.
  10. RCA Enrollment report showing cases that are referred and not yet enrolled causing counts to be off.